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What to Expect for Estate Planning

First, you review and complete my Estate Planning Questionnaire so we have all relevant information to answer your questions and to design your estate plan.  At your free initial consultation, we review your Questionnaire, discuss your wishes and your concerns, and talk about what would happen regarding your assets, health care, and custody of your children if you were to pass away without an estate plan.  We then talk about how you can change this scenario by putting in place a plan that will make your wishes clear and legally enforceable.

Among other things, we will discuss the differences between a Will or a Trust, what impact each of those would have on your specific circumstances, and which makes the most sense for you.  My goal is to educate you regarding your options and to let you choose what you think is best.  Since I can tell you at our initial consultation what the fixed fee for a proposed plan would be, you are able to choose the best fit for you.

At your initial consultation, we design your estate plan. If you decide to proceed, you sign a Fee Agreement and pay the first half of your fixed fee.

I then begin preparing your estate plan.  I may follow up with questions to clarify what we discussed at our initial consultation.  I email you summaries of your estate plan so that you may confirm that I’ve correctly understood your wishes, the correct individuals have been nominated for the proper roles, and other details are correct.

On your signing date, you return to my office for your signing appointment.  We review your estate plan and I explain the roles that the various documents play in implementing your wishes and protecting your family.  Since you pay a fixed fee, you are welcome to call me anytime in the future if you have questions about your estate plan, and you don’t have to worry about being charged.  At the conclusion of the signing of your estate plan, you pay the second half of your fee and take your completed estate plan home, along with the peace of mind of knowing you have a plan in place that will protect you and your family.

What to Expect for Estate Administration

I also offer no-obligation consultations regarding probate or trust administration.  You send me relevant documents to review so that I can come into our meeting with an understanding of what will need to be done.  At the meeting, we discuss the Will or Trust that we would be carrying out, as well as the timeline and administration process.  If, for any reason, you decide not to hire me to assist you with the process, there is no charge.  If you do decide to hire me, you are charged for my time, since that time has been used to for me to familiarize myself with the situation and to explain to you how the administration will work.  Unfortunately, I can’t offer fixed fees for the vast majority of estate administrations, since it is very difficult to determine how much time will be needed to resolve a specific matter.  However, I do try to give you a “ballpark” estimate of what I believe my fee would be. My hourly rate is $325 per hour

When I assist with the administration of an estate, my goal is to fulfill legal requirements as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Many law firms charge a premium for estate administration.  My aim is to provide reasonable fees while also being very responsive to my client.  I often do not charge for time spent on a task that is a matter of providing good customer service rather than a legal necessity.

Please contact me so I may help protect your family, your wishes, and your assets.

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