Protecting Your Children and Their Inheritance

When a person passes away and their minor children inherit assets, the children are not simply handed the money.  They are legally not old enough to handle it.  So, the court appoints a “conservator” or “guardian of the estate” to manage the child’s assets.  The conservator pays a lawyer to handle the affairs of the […]

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Cremation? Burial? Who Makes the Call?

Do you want to be buried?  Where?  Have you already paid for a burial plan?  Do you want to be cremated?  Do you want your ashes buried in a specific place?  Kept?  Scattered?  Or do you want your body donated to science? There is a lot that you can say about what happens to your […]

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Prince Doesn’t Name Heir; Civil War Ensues

“A source with firsthand knowledge of the discussions about Prince’s estate said the initial meeting between the siblings was contentious and ended in shouting.” Once again, a celebrity has passed away without an estate plan and disaster will ensue as Prince’s estate goes through probate, the court process of passing title to his heirs. […]

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Doctors Die Differently

“‘Do everything you can for him, Doc’ is a phrase with far-reaching implications….  There comes a time for every person when his or her identity is gone, and the quality of life should be valued more than the mere presence of it.” A recent CNN article highlighted that 88.3% of doctors have stated in an […]

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Plan to Make Your Wishes Legally Enforceable

“In his Will, he left me enough money to pay for his tombstone.  Ha.  And I had him buried at sea.” – Scrooge, Mickey’s Christmas Carol Why ask someone else to fulfill your wishes when you can do it yourself through your estate plan? It is a common estate planning error to leave money to […]

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